Vietnam Airlines plane delayed departure because bees entered the engine

 The flight from Phu Quoc to Hanoi had to be delayed due to a swarm of bees in the engine.

A rare incident just happened at Phu Quoc airport (Kien Giang) at 5:10 p.m. on April 16: Vietnam Airlines flight VN1234 was about to take off when a swarm of bees entered the jet engine on the left, swarming around. propeller blades.

According to information from Vietnam Airlines, the incident caused the flight to be delayed by 60 minutes. Airport staff used two brooms to drive the bees out of the engine.

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Airport staff used brooms to chase the bees out of the engine.

At 18:20, the plane was fully safe. The pilot for the flight took off from Phu Quoc to Hanoi.

The swarm that appears on the front of an aircraft jet engine is a sensitive location because foreign objects can be sucked into the combustion chamber during start-up, causing the engine to operate abnormally. In fact, there have been many cases where mechanics discovered dead birds and animals inside the engine.

Sofa Phuoc Ninh Do

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